What Can Green Do for You?
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Technology makes your life more convenient, but usually at the expense
of the environment with pollution and abusive consumption of natural
resources. For those with an environmental conscience, technology can
also help save energy, time and money. So be a friend to the
environment and your wallet through energy conservation. From
lighting to thermostat control products, we offer a variety of solutions
that can be used at your home or business to begin saving today.

Save Energy - Lighting Control

A lighting control system allows you to control the lights throughout
your entire home. Press a single button to turn lights on or off or dim
lights you could never dim before from anywhere in the house or the
world. Remote control lighting is surprisingly inexpensive to buy and
easy to install.  Once you’ve used it you will wonder how you ever lived
without it.

Energy savings: Lighting control systems help make your home more
energy efficient to save energy and lower your energy bills. Reduce your
energy usage by simply turning off lights that are not being used or use
light dimmers to reduce wattage and output to save energy.  

Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of controlling multiple lights and
appliances from a single location. Control lights throughout the house
from a tabletop controller on your bedside table from the comfort of
your bed or turn all the house lights on when you enter the house or
turn them all off when you leave with a single button press.  

Security: Lighting control systems allow you to use timers to turn the
lights on and off at programmed times to give your home a lived-in look
while you are away on business or vacation.  Moreover, use motion
detectors to trigger lights to go on to deter would-be intruders.  

Safety: Press a button and light up a path to the kitchen for a midnight
snack or just to check on the kids. Use a remote control to turn on the
entry and porch lights and you’ll never come home to a dark home at

Mood: Fill your entire home with personalized mood lighting for any
occasion. Design customized lighting scenes for a relaxing evening, a
dinner party, watching a DVD, or anything else you can think of to set
the mood you want.